Frequently Asked Questions

How does Yakkyofy compare to its competition?

Yakkyofy offers a full, comprehensive suite for managing and automating all dropshipping daily tasks. With Yakkyofy you can scrape products from 5 different Chinese E-commerce platforms, buy products at a real B2B price and free yourself from manual order fulfillment while our competitors still use Excel or CSV files and sell at B2C prices, and moreover with Yakkyofy Special Line delivery, you can ship dropshipping products to TIER 1 countries in just 10 days.

Can I cancel my account anytime?

Yes, you can modify and cancel your data at any time. To do it visit your account or contact us on

How can I send out orders in bulk?

With Yakkyofy you don’t need to pay and send your orders one by one, you can send out orders in bulk with few clicks with only one payment.

Can I ship orders in bulk?

Yes, the order with more than one item for the same customer with the same shipping address will be shipped in bulk and you will pay only one shipment.
Please be noted that the shipment cost depends on the package size and weights, so the price will be calculated on the sum of the size and the weights of all the items shipped.

How your warehouse policy works?

All of our customers can enjoy free storage in our warehouse. All storage headaches just leave it to Yakkyofy, so that you can focus on selling! Also, we keep all the returned products for our customers, so that you can re-sell these items again if needed. The storage service is free, but if the customer does not make any sales in two months, we may charge the relevant storage fee.

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